January 2012

Reading After Dark

In Law and Order SVU the character  Chester Lake has such severe insomnia that he roams the city every night, which gives him an excuse for knowing every nighttime sound of every borough. Why he doesn't just stay home and read a book like the rest of New York's insomaniac is never quite explained. However, if you're an insomniac New York reader who, like Chester Lake, just can't stay at home and be awake, there are some options for late night reading in the city that never sleeps.

Swish by Joel Derfner

"Swish is an interesting look at gay life in New York in a certain time... and on a roller coaster."

You can't help but root for Joel Derfner, the author of Gay Haiku, in his (relatively new) memoir, Swish. Like Augusten Burrough's Dry, New York City is definitely a character in Derfner's book, as well as his life.  His blog, in fact, is heart-rendingly called The Search for Love in Manhattan. It's hear-warming that he has found love in Manhattan, although he does appear to blog less often now.

Manhattan Readings!

The first time I went to a reading at the Union Square Barnes and Noble, I was amazing by a couple of things. First, the huge size of the store, second, the amount of people it could hold, and three, that they had such a problem with crowd control that they needed to place instructional stickers (see above) on each and every chair that was set up at a reading. The truth is, the Union Square Barnes and Noble doesn't host readings, it hosts celebrity sightings. If you want something with a little more depth, you'll mostly have to go elsewhere.