February 2012


Okay I'll admit it. I stole a poster of Tina Fey once. I actually stole it right out of the display in the newstand at Philadelphia's 30 Street Station. Fey was on the cover of Philadelphia Magazine, featured in a feature called “celebs on how our city shaped their lives and atty-toods (the Philly was of saying attitudes if that's not 100 percent clear). I walked up, to the display and acted like it was my job to remove the sign, rolled it up, put it under my arm, and walked off. It graces my wall to this day.

NYC Subway Reading

One of my favorite New York subway pastimes is a little game I call (at least in my head) What Is That Person Reading. The rules are pretty simple. Basically, you just pay a lot of attention to what people are reading and, if possible, try and read a little bit of it over their shoulder. I've actually gotten great ideas for books I want to read from this. One time I even ended up checking the exact same book (not the same title, the same book, I could tell because the cover was stained) from the Brooklyn Library as someone I saw reading the book on the L train.

Holidays on Ice

Hilarious NYC Tales

Sedaris' largely New York based Holidays on Ice may be one of the least returned Christmas gifts of all time, although I bet it's not uncommonly passed along (meaning shared, not necessarily regifted) because frankly, it's about the funniest thing to ever be written about the Winter Holiday Season.